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poster remake | the breakfast club

Capote (USA - Canada, 2005)


Korra + Earth Kingdom

Infinite list of my favorite movies » Footloose (2011)

"See, we don’t have that much time left. All us teenagers, pretty soon we’re gonna be just like you. We’re gonna have jobs, and bills, and families. And we’re gonna have to worry about our own children, because that is the job of a parent. To worry. I get that. But ours, as teenagers, is to live! To play our music way too loud and to act like idiots! And to make mistakes. And this is our time! There was once a time for that law, but not anymore. Thank you.

ok i’m officially releasing the campaing #TaronEgertonAsCyclops for x-men: apocalypse because SERIOUSLY GUYS he would perfectly fit in the role of young scott summers

Jamie Dornan with fans at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles, September 20.

Stephen Amell taking a break of shooting for CW’s Arrow in Vancouver, September 18.

Game of Thrones  +  Iconic Quotes

Favourite things //  favourite band [Imagine Dragons]
  ↳ We have a little thing where we sing and do a couple tribal dances… naked.

Miles Teller at the premiere of his new film, Two Night Stand, in Hollywood.

"To you young boys who have reached this temple, know that I entrust Athena’s life in your hands."                                         Αιολος

First stills of By The Sea, starring Angelina Jolie (also director) and Brad Pitt.